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Angry Roads by Big Brum Theatre

THE ANGRY ROADS FrontArtworks are once again delighted to welcome back the very talented Big Brum Theatre in Education Company, with their fantastic production of ‘The Angry Roads’ By Edward Bond

Friday 27th February, 7.30pm in Soar Centre, Penygraig

Evening in the city.
In a flat a teenage boy is sorting through play things from his childhood; he is sorting through his past in search of the truth about an accident that destroyed his family. The Father remains silent, is he refusing or unable to speak about it?
The son struggles to know the truth and take control of his future.
Young people today grow up in a world that their parents did not grow up in. So much has changed that the age-old problem of communication is becoming ever more difficult.

In THE ANGRY ROADS internationally renowned playwright Edward Bond has created a unique dramatic way of opening up the problem and revealing what is at stake in it for young people. It takes them on a journey from repression, denial and evasion, leading to understanding and the acceptance of responsibility and freedom, and, finally through rites of passage into the modern world. It is a journey your students will recognise because it is a journey they are already on.

‘The Angry Roads’ by Edward Bond; a challenging and extraordinary play, which considers themes of power, repression and lies, as a teenage boy seeks the truth about a tragic family accident that has left his Father unable to speak or tell the truth about what really happened.


perceptions web‘Perceptions’ was a piece of devised physical theatre, created with the Rhyfdyfelin Flight Wings group and written by Gemma Fraser-Jones. Flight Wings Rhydyfelin Creative group are an integrated cast of young people with a range of abilities and experiences. They work together to support, excite and enrich their theatre and learning experiences for one another. The group looked at poverty as a theme and in particular homelessness. How are we viewed in society, and what makes us truly happy? The group performed in the Rhydyfelin Methodist Church to a packed audience, leaving lots of unanswered questions for them to ponder upon, as we enter into the festive season. The production was greatly received by the audience with friends, family and community members stunned by such a beautiful thought-provoking performance. The script featured original poetry by one of the young people who shared her experience of being homeless through creative writing. A sample of feedback from our audience members:

“Beautiful, thought-provoking piece, brought me to tears, and made me think about how us humans live and behave”

“Powerful, poignant, beautifully performed and produced”

“Very powerful! Deeply sincere and honest. Tremendous work!! Congratulations, let’s have more. Loved it!!

Footprints in Time

RDW FootPrints in TimeOver the last year Rhydyfelin Drama Workshop have been devising their story of ‘Footprints in time’ which follows the ups and downs of a woman’s life called Mary The idea started on an untold story quest, which saw Artworks other drama groups Penygraig Youth Theatre and Nurture group along with Rhydyfelin drama workshop coming together to share their stories that were untold.  Since the development of the untold story project, the group have attended residencies and carried out research on the different era’s of Mary’s life.  The group have visited St Fagins and the Maes-y-felin centre in Rhydyfelin, where they met ladies and gentlemen who had lived through WW2.

Footprints in time is a unique theatrical experience where the lines between the performance space, actors and audience are constantly shifting.  Audiences will have the opportunity to explore a heart warming story that will excite you as well as make you question the way we view old people today.  Come and join us as we take you back into footprints in time.

Time is a memory, time is a moment that we will cherish forever, we only get one chance because once you use it, it is gone forever.

This Saturday ArtWorks Proudly presents Rhydyfelin Drama Workshop in ‘Footprints In Time’.  The show will be performed in the Ilan Centre in Rhydyfelin and is a promenade piece meaning tickets are limited.  Too avoid disappointment call ArtWorks on 01443 303032.

Valleys Kids Needs You!

Objects Day Invite-1Photo Day InviteWant to do something in Penygraig that hasn’t been done before?

Want to be part of a series of one-off community photographs?

Want to get free digital prints of the results – yours forever?!

Then come along to our PENYGRAIG PHOTO DAY!

And be part of an extraordinary set of photos, the likes of which won’t have been taken part in Penygraig before!

So what’s behind it all…?

Well, a group of young people have been working with an artist for the last 6 weeks exploring ideas around regeneration, and the local area. This coming week the group are hosting a series of events to involve you in the project!

One of the things they’ve been doing is exploring SLOGANS. They been coming up with their own unique slogans that come out of stories, responses to the local area, and the wider world! We’ve turned these slogans into HUGE ENORMOUS placards. And now we’re inviting YOU to come and be part of these photographs. We need people to hold up placards and join the group to create a really wonderful set of snapshots, that will be remembered for years to come…

There are five photos in all. And we’re taking them in different parts of Penygraig, all within 5 minutes walk from each other. On Thursday 29th, if you turn up in the main street in Penygraig, you’ll see us in a shop on the corner, and there you can vote for which slogans you’d like to see in the photographs.

The on Sunday June 1st, we need YOU to come and take part, hold up some placards with us, and have your (massive) group photo taken! We’re hoping to get 50 people in each photo! We want all ages to come and join us. At the same time, you’ll find out more about the project, have lunch on us, and have a totally memorable, one-off day with family and friends…

And at the end of it all, we’ll send you a set of beautiful professional digital photos you can keep!

Everyone’s welcome, the more the merrier.


Meet at the Soar Centre, 10am prompt, Sunday June 1st.

We’ll explain all on the day!



Heritage – Presented by Mess Up The Mess


Well, what a night! Mess Up the Mess came to Soar Centre with their Youth Theatre and performed their latest piece Heritage.  It was written by Daffyd James a name you will remember from the Village Social and was just as funny and just as entertaining.


Settling in ready for the show

Settling in ready for the show

The piece took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster and left us questioning whether we are right to conform or should we dare to question the man in charge?  Would either way make a difference to our ultimate destiny?



The Youth Theatre had you on the edge of your seat, laughing along with them and feeling their pain.

We all had a brilliant night and can’t wait for their next show to cross our paths.

Penygraig Dance Sharing

Penygraig-Dance-SharingOn Saturday March 8th Penygraig Community Project and ArtWorks were pleased to welcome everyone to the Penygraig Dance Sharing, an evening that celebrated the talent that exists in our communities across Rhondda Cynon Taff.

It was an opportunity for the young people and their mentors to showcase their hard work and talent, in their very own style of dance. An explosive and exciting event with a mix of ages and an array of many styles of dance, including street dance, hip hop, creative dance and break dancing.

We would like to thank everyone from the local community and beyond, for their outstanding support. The show was a complete sellout with proud friends and families there to cheer the young people on!

Also we would like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers who made this event possible! This would not have been possible without all your hard work and dedication. The event was a great night of Youth Arts at its best with all of the groups displaying heaps of talent and a passion for the Arts. 🙂

Heritage – Mess Up The Mess

Heritage-PosterSaturday 29th March 7.30 pm

Soar Centre – Penygraig

By Daffydd James

Presented by Mess up the Mess

It’s Mayday, and a group of misfit children are specially chosen to close the day’s festivities; but as they gather together in uniform to rehearse the village anthem, all is not well.  Tubbsy’s hiding a cat in his bag; Deirdre-May’s grieving her Nanna and Mark’s turned up as a stegosauras.

As the rehearsal breaks down, they soon begin to suspect that they’ve been chosen for a far darker purpose….

Heritage is a blistering black comedy with music that explores the darker side of nationalism.

For tickets and any more information contact  ArtWorks on 01443 303032

Penygraig Dance Sharing – Sold Out

Saturday 8th March 7:00pm

Soar Centre
Penygraig Roundabout, CF40 1JZ

Once again, Penygraig Community Project and ArtWorks are pleased to welcome you all to the Penygraig Dance Sharing; an evening to celebrate the talent that exists in our communities across Rhondda Cynon Taff.

It will be an opportunity for the young people and their mentors to showcase their hard work and talent, in their very own style of dance. An explosive and exciting event with a mix of ages and an array of many styles of dance, including street dance, hip hop, creative dance and break dancing.

The support so far from the local communities and beyond has been outstanding and we hope you’ll be there on the night, to continue your support and cheer on our young people.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers of this event! This would not have been possible without all your hard work and dedication.

The evening will conclude with Tea and Coffee to appreciate the hard work and dedication of all those involved who made this event possible.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Please note: All the tickets for this event have gone!!!

Night Out Theatre Show in Soar

Friday 7th February 7pm at Soar Centre,

Penygraig roundabout, CF40 1JZ.


ArtWorks are pleased to welcome back Big Brum Theatre company with their fantastic Theatre in Education tour of ‘Touched’ by Chris Cooper.

“Don’t want to come out? Don’t blame yer. Believe me darlin’ I’ve seen everythin there is to see an’ it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…no place for a kid. Makes yer old before yer time. Ouch! Steady on with yer size nines”

A city in the throes of a riot.
A child is born into chaos and uncertainty. Who can give her a home? What will become of her? It will be years before the answer will be known; a child touched by madness, touched by greed and cruelty, touched by freedom and hope.

‘Touched’ explores a darkly comic exploration of the lives of young people on the margins of a society at war with itself, and their desire to find community.

The performance is on:
Friday 7th February 7pm at soar Centre, Penygraig roundabout, CF40 1JZ.

This performance is recommended for an audience aged 13+.

Ticket prices are £5 and £2 concessions.  

If you would like more information or to book tickets, please call the ArtWorks team on 01443 303032.

We look forward to seeing you there!