Objects Day Invite-1Photo Day InviteWant to do something in Penygraig that hasn’t been done before?

Want to be part of a series of one-off community photographs?

Want to get free digital prints of the results – yours forever?!

Then come along to our PENYGRAIG PHOTO DAY!

And be part of an extraordinary set of photos, the likes of which won’t have been taken part in Penygraig before!

So what’s behind it all…?

Well, a group of young people have been working with an artist for the last 6 weeks exploring ideas around regeneration, and the local area. This coming week the group are hosting a series of events to involve you in the project!

One of the things they’ve been doing is exploring SLOGANS. They been coming up with their own unique slogans that come out of stories, responses to the local area, and the wider world! We’ve turned these slogans into HUGE ENORMOUS placards. And now we’re inviting YOU to come and be part of these photographs. We need people to hold up placards and join the group to create a really wonderful set of snapshots, that will be remembered for years to come…

There are five photos in all. And we’re taking them in different parts of Penygraig, all within 5 minutes walk from each other. On Thursday 29th, if you turn up in the main street in Penygraig, you’ll see us in a shop on the corner, and there you can vote for which slogans you’d like to see in the photographs.

The on Sunday June 1st, we need YOU to come and take part, hold up some placards with us, and have your (massive) group photo taken! We’re hoping to get 50 people in each photo! We want all ages to come and join us. At the same time, you’ll find out more about the project, have lunch on us, and have a totally memorable, one-off day with family and friends…

And at the end of it all, we’ll send you a set of beautiful professional digital photos you can keep!

Everyone’s welcome, the more the merrier.


Meet at the Soar Centre, 10am prompt, Sunday June 1st.

We’ll explain all on the day!