These are extraordinary times. The Coronavirus crisis has followed hot on the heels of devastating flooding in our communities. People had no time to recover their homes and their normal lives, when the lockdown was imposed, with the terrible threat of losing loved ones added to an already intolerable situation.

Valleys Kids are supporting over 3,000 people every week at the moment. We are doing things we have never had to do before. The demand has been overwhelming and humbling. From single parent families with 4 children who have no opportunity to leave the children to collect food, through families with very sick children who are terrified to leave the house and risk bringing infection home with them.

Valleys Kids has been part of the community for over 40 years, but we haven’t seen anything like this. Our buildings are closed to the public and the kids and families we support are trapped at home. It is really hard for the children, young people, families and isolated older people who normally come to activity groups every week to be cut off from their friends and social contact.

We have always tried to offer what people told us they need and as that need has changed, we have responded and answered the new needs of our communities.

Community is Kindness – We are now providing: