The current exhibition at the Art in the Attic Robert Maskrey gallery, situated at the Factory in Porth is ‘Our Lockdown Exhibition’-Valleys Kids’ adult art groups-Penyrenglyn, Penygraig and Porth.


This exhibition shows the wonderful work produced during the 16 months that the art groups were in lockdown and their continued determination to be creative.
Lockdown started, buildings were closed but art classes continued……….

During the first week of lockdown, art bags containing all the essential art supplies were delivered to all the art group participants by Valleys Kids’ Artist in Residence, so that classes could continue from the safety of people’s homes. WhatsApp groups were set up to share the weekly tasks and tutorial videos and to keep everyone in touch with each other. Funding was sourced for some ipads so that we could ‘zoom’ during the sessions and get the chance to see and speak to each other. New skills were learned as we all became familiar with the invitation to ‘Zoom’. As art group members’ ages range from 40 to 91, some grasped the new technology quicker than others but we got there!

Generous donations from generous people meant that new materials could be bought to ensure the sessions could continue, and continue they did, every week for 16 months.
From leaves to lighthouses, ferns to fish and bird feeders to bags, they covered many subjects using a variety of materials and mediums.  Come along to the gallery and see the fruits of their labour.

Some of their comments.

I looked forward and enjoyed every minute of my Zoom art day. It was great catching up and having a cuppa with my friends, talking about how we were coping with the lockdown and supporting the ones who were struggling.  We were all there for each other.  Doing my art was one of the things that kept me going through all this.

Art during lockdown was a lifesaver.  Every Wednesday I would look forward to 10 o’clock when we would get a new project.  Always something new using different materials.  More importantly we were able to keep in contact with the group through WhatsApp and Zoom.

I can’t say enough about what a difference the art sessions made to my life during lockdown.  I don’t know where I would have been without them, they really were a lifesaver for me and for my mental well being.