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Changed Poster Soar

Sunday 14th August, 7pm Soar Centre, Penygraig, CF40 1JZ

In a small town, buried amongst the hills, a young boy named Phil wakes up one morning to discover he’s changed! Bewildered and terrified by his appearance, he fears his family won’t recognise him! He spends the play tormented by his thoughts both cruel and kind.

Having discovered Phil, the family is horrified by what they see! His father, unable to recognise him and worried he might be vicious; forces him back into his room.

Phil’s younger sister Eira protests that it’s Phil! She gives him hope that in time others will see it’s really him too! 

The Change is a dark, comical and emotive story that explores what it means to be to be truly human? Set against the backdrop of a seedy circus, with stunning physical theatre, it is a terrifyingly real story told in a beautifully imagined way.

Originally Devised by Tonyrefail Nurture group and Adapted by Penygraig Youth Theatre. Written and Directed by Claire Hathway

Kafka’s story told in our own unique way!


















Sunday 14th August 7pm in Soar Centre, Penygraig


“Missing Pieces” By Rhydyfelin Drama Workshop

Missing Pieces poster2

Rhydyfelin Drama Workshop have been working hard all year to bring you their first piece of devised Theatre with their Youth Arts Worker Nadine (our Youth Arts Apprentice) at the helm. ‘Missing Pieces’ takes us on a journey of a young girl who is desperate to figure out her past, in order to find her future.’

Come along to Ilan Centre 7pm on Friday 29th July to support this group of very talented young people and watch them fill in the ‘Missing Pieces’.

Missing Pieces will be performed at 7pm in Ilan Centre, Poets Close, Rhydyfelin, CF37 5HL

Save the Dates

This summer gives you an amazing opportunity to see some high quality Youth Arts with pieces of Theatre devised over the last year by the groups that ArtWorks Valleys Kids have been working with in our weekly sessions.
This Friday (29th August) at 7pm in Ilan Centre,  Rhydyfelin Drama Workshop presents their FIRST EVER production of ‘Missing Pieces’ and a fortnight later Penygraig Youth Theatre will be performing ‘Changed’ in our Soar Centre. Excitingly we are taking this piece on TOUR to the Riverfront Theatre in Newport a week later to perform on the main stage on the penultimate night! This is the FIRST EVER Welsh National Youth Arts Festival, run by young people for young people called RAWFfest / GWYLgrai.

History is literally being made and ArtWorks are proud to be a chapter in the story book!

Please SAVE THE DATES so you can be with us at the start of yet another exciting journey!

save the dates summer 2016

Luke’s journey with ArtWorks

blogWe have Luke on placement with us this week from school and he’s written his and our first blog about his journey with ArtWorks. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do…..

Hi my name is Luke I am 15 years old and this is my story. I was about 3 years old when I first started going to bike club, and I was there for about 8 to 9 years. In my time there I made a lot of friends but I am not in contact with any of them now sadly. I had a lot of fun at bike club and I got to know the staff and people who had volunteered to work there at the time. My favourite person there was Ross he was funny, strong and you could easily get along with him.

In the time I was at bike club I started to go to Penygraig drama workshop when I was 8 years old. At the time Jonno had left and a man named Ian McAndrew (who was new there like me) had taken his place which made me fell relaxed so I didn’t get nervous when I started and I still go there up to this day. Now I don’t have Ian anymore and I go to the older group. I have a nice woman named Claire Hathway who is head strong and is a very good team leader.

Drama is an after school club which has a lot of people who are very passionate about performing and are easily approachable if you want to talk about something.

If you would want to start Penygraig drama workshop you need to be in between the age of 8 to 12 and have been in contact with one of the art workers. If you have not made contact with them please feel free to come to one of the sessions on Tuesday at 4:30PM.

The older drama group is on the Monday and it starts at the time of 6:30PM and ends at 9:00PM we have longer hours and a lot more time for drama.

When I was 11 years old I couldn’t stay at bike club anymore because I was getting to old to go there.  I had to go to middle club which was only on a Tuesday, which was sad because I could only go to the center 1 time a week, this made me upset but I still went for a couple of weeks.  I didn’t like it because everyone was bigger than me so I didn’t go to middle club any more.

When I was 13 to 14 years old I started to do some guitar lessons with my friend we had a very good teacher at the time called Tom Stupple who was a close friend with my old drama teacher Ian McAndrew. This only lasted about 4 to 5 lessons because I needed to buy my own guitar, which was like £100 and my mum didn’t have the money at the time so I stopped.

I am now 15 years old and I am sitting in the office in the pop factory typing this up because I am on my work experience with Miranda Ballin who is on the phone right know talking about business.