In a magical Kingdom far, far away lived a Prince. A Prince whose one true wish was to marry a Princess. One night, in the flash and crash of lightning, in the howl and whine of the wind there was a knock at the castle door and a girl was blown in… but surely she couldn’t be a Princess?

There was only way to find out…FETCH THE ROYAL PEA and hide it under the mattress! Only a real Princess would be able to feel such a tiny thing hiding there!

Join Artworks and Sherman Cymru this Christmas for a deliciously mischievous re-telling of one of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tales.

Filled with laughter, music and a big sprinkling of magic, this story is perfect for 3 to 6 year olds and their families.


Venue: Valleys Kids, Soar Centre, Penygraig
Date: 9th November/Tachwedd 2015 at 6pm
Box Office: 01443 303032
Tickets/Tocynnau: £5, Concessions £2


Due to a high demand this show is selling fast – Please reserve tickets in advance.