Mum’s depressed. She’s a single parent of four kids with two different Dads. She hasn’t worked since her first kid was born 14 years ago. She’s on anti-depressants and drinks more than she should. She can’t cope with the kids. Sometimes they don’t go to school because she’s too drunk or hung-over to sort them out. The house is neglected and damp, she has no money to sort things out so she’s stopped trying. The conditions affect the health of all the family. The kids wear each others hand me downs and it shows. They don’t wash properly and they don’t eat regularly. They all get bullied in school. The oldest boy’s stopped going. He’s violent & aggressive. He bullies his mother and the other kids. He started taking drugs and steals to buy his fix. The police are frequent visitors to the house. He no longer takes notice of anyone.

Downward Spiral

The younger kids have a mother who can’t cope with them and an older brother who beats them up and bullies them into stealing and vandalism. Where are the Dads?  One is in prison for GBH, the other has run off to start a new life with a younger model and didn’t leave a forwarding address.  Eventually Social Services will step in and the kids will go into care or a young offenders institution. The mother will be alone and be prescribed more drugs to cope, the drinking will continue, what else is there?  It’s a downward spiral.

Sadly, this story is all too common, with fewer or more kids, a Mother with different problems: bereavement, mental health issues, history of violent partners, sexual abuse when she was young. And the solution is never a straightforward one.

Valleys Kids is working to reverse this downward spiral.

We offer a lifeline to individuals and families who are on the edge, struggling to survive. We offer a place for ordinary individuals and families to share, to grow and thrive and offer support for  those less fortunate to realise their potential. It’s a bit like an extended family.

We receive support from a wide range of sources to enable us to work across a broad spectrum within local communities. Most of it is time limited and project specific.  All the activities and opportunities we offer are free.

We have strong network of regular donors who help to sustain provision.

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