With pressure on your marketing budgets as tight as ever, you might wonder how supporting us at Valleys Kids can be good for your business?

Being aligned to Valleys Kids demonstrates that you’re in touch with the local community. It’s a great message for your customers and a good message for your staff too!

And it’s our job at Valleys Kids to ensure we give you the exposure you need, so you’re seen to be supporting us.

  • Good PR for your business
  • Increased local exposure
  • Great message for your staff
  • Opportunities to sponsor events for added exposure
  • Use of our identity on your external communications and marketing
  • Excellent value when compared to traditional advertising channels
  • Positive brand perception by association
  • Further opportunities available

Working with us means we can help more children. Talk with us soon.

Please call Denise Lord our Development Co-ordinator on 01443 420870