We made a film, which celebrates the fact that, despite many challenges, Valleys Kids is still here supporting children and families in the best way we know how, by being here for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

This 3 minute film encapsulates our story:

As I’m sure you know, this are difficult times  for some of the families and young people who we support. We have seen growing pressure on those families where there is unemployment and even in families where the adults are working, there is mounting stress.

Valleys Kids has also had an anxious year with the loss of some of our funding and therefore some of our staff. But as it says in the film ‘We’re still here’

The support we get from individuals and organisations is essential for us to continue to support children, young people and families who visit us on a daily basis. Over 4,000 people use the services every year and our aim is to survive and ensure that we can continue to give the crucial support needed.

A very big Thank You to everyone who has supported us during the year.

If you don’t already give us a regular donation, now is your chance by completing the attached form and emailing it back to us or by donating online: Please donate here.